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Programs : Faculty-Led

Faculty-Led courses are short-term UW classes, taught by UW professors - in another country! These classes are usually taught during the winter and summer breaks, and are between 2 and 9 weeks long. For more information about a faculty-led course, click on the course title. Contact the professor directly to apply.
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An Adventure in Italian Culture, History, Architecture, Science and Cuisine Amalfi, Italy; Florence, Italy; Matera, Italy; Padua, Italy; Paestum, Italy; Pisa, Italy; Rome, Italy; Venice, Italy
Terms: January Description: Join a 19-day journey through Italy this 2018 January term.  This adventure will highlight the historical and influential advances in western and Italian culture, architecture, science and cuisine from the Roman Empire, through the Renaissa nce[...]
Archaeological Field School in Croatia Krasno Polje, Croatia; Kruncici, Croatia; Nova Krslja, Croatia; Zagreb, Croatia
Terms: Summer Description: The University of Wyoming Department of Anthropology, in collaboration with the University of Zagreb, the Croatian Ministry of Culture, and the Croatian Institute for Anthropological Research, is pleased to announce an archaeological field school to [...]
Archaeology Field School in Italy: Excavations at the Villa del Vergigno Florence, Italy; Montelupo Fiorentino, Italy
Terms: Summer
Chinese Language Intensive Study Program Beijing, China; Harbin, China
Terms: Summer Description: Each summer, the University of Wyoming will offer students a unique opportunity to participate in an 8-week intensive Chinese program at the Harbin Institute of Technology, which is known for its high quality academic Chinese instruction to foreign s tudents[...]
Collegiate Chorale Bilbao, Spain; Borja, Spain; Ordizia, Spain; Pamplona, Spain; San Sebastian, Spain; Tolosa, Spain; Urretxu, Spain
Terms: Fall Description: Please note that this program is open only to students in UW's Collegiate Chorale.
From Rome to Geneva: A Journey in Architecture, Engineering and the History of Science Florence, Italy; Milano, Italy; Rome, Italy; San Joaquin de Flores, Costa Rica
Terms: January Description: Join in a journey through Italy from Rome to Geneva Switzerland with several stops along the way.  This journey will highlight historical and influential advances in architecture, engineering and science from the Roman Empire, through the Renais sance[...]
Honduras Nursing Brigade Agua Salada, Honduras; Concepcion, Honduras; La Esperanza, Honduras; Siguatepeque, Honduras
Terms: Fall Honduras, Spring Honduras Description: Since 2009, the Honduras Nursing Brigade has worked to improve medical and dental care, nutrition services and community development in the rural Honduran community of Agua Salada.  UW's Brigades make every effort to develop health care [...]
Intensive Japanese Language Study Asarikawa, Japan; Noboribetsu, Japan; Tokyo, Japan; Toyako, Japan
Terms: Summer Description: Contact: Noah Miles (  
International Food and Farm Culture Amboise, France; Angers, France; Bayeux, France; Paris, France
Terms: Summer
Midwestern State University: London, England London, United Kingdom
Terms: Summer
Midwestern State University: Tours, France Tours, France
Terms: Summer
Modern Japanese Society and Culture Hiroshima, Japan; Kobe, Japan; Kyoto, Japan; Matsuyama, Japan; Naoshima, Japan; Nara, Japan; Osaka, Japan
Terms: Summer
Religions of the Middle East: Judaism, Christianity and Islam Almog, Israel; Haifa, Israel; Jerusalem, Israel; Petra, Jordan; Tel Aviv, Israel; Tiberias, Israel
Terms: Summer
Religious Crossroads: Hong Kong, Xi'an and Macau
Terms: January Description: The three cities included in the course, each unique, will provide students with a broad range of experience and practice as cultural translators.  Xi’an, capital of China for over a millennium, hosted a wide variety of religions, some ind igenous,[...]
Saratov State University Russian Language Study Saratov, Russia
Terms: Summer Description: Located in the center of the city of Saratov (approximately 450 miles southeast of Moscow), Saratov University is one of the oldest in Russia, and during the year 2010 was awarded the prestigious title "National Research University of the Russia n[...]
Shakespeare in England and Italy London, United Kingdom; Milano, Italy; Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom; Venice, Italy; Verona, Italy; Vicenza, Italy
Terms: Summer
Sociology of Israeli Political and Social Institutions Haifa, Israel; Jerusalem, Israel; Tel Aviv, Israel
Terms: January Description: This study abroad course examines the political and social institutions in Israel from a comparative perspective. Israel faces many challenges in terms of political structure, demographic transitions, security issues and violence, economic growth and [...]